What's your plan?

Whilst hosting my wedding photography open day this weekend, I got to thinking about wedding planning and how overwhelming it can be. 

Even before I got married to Mark, I loved doing this job and always tried to put myself in my brides shoes. But then, once I actually got to plan my day and marry my man, I really could appreciate thoroughly what they were going through.


From the moment that engagement ring goes on your finger, it’s a complete whirlwind of excitement, nerves and happiness. And it’s from this moment that the planning starts and decisions have to be made. (Woah scary stuff). 

Big things to think about:

  • Where shall we get married?

  • Who are we inviting?

  • What’s our realistic budget?

  • Which suppliers should we choose?

  • Do I need to get to the gym?

All these things can be completely overwhelming and seem like the biggest hassle to sort out. 

So I can’t help you with who you should invite, what your budget is or whether you need to stop eating cake and get your butt to the gym (I personally went with - I am me, and he loves me...anything to avoid that treadmill right?!)

But I can help you with how to pick your suppliers! My advice: Always go on recommendations! Always stalk them on social media! And personally meet them and get to know them!

Now, only speaking from my photography experience, there is nothing better for me than when someone recommends me to someone who is getting married. Whether from a previous bride and groom or just one of my social media followers, it’s such a huge compliment to be recommended. It means people believe in you. And this, my friends, is why I do my job!

Stalking someone on social media may seem a little creepy but trust me...you want to KNOW who you are potentially inviting in to the biggest day of your lives. Yes follow their business accounts, but also if they let you, follow their personal accounts too. This way you know WHO they are, and generally whether you like them. Get to know their sense of humour, what they do with their time off and whether you think you would be happy sitting down with them and having a cup of coffee.  Suppliers such as your venue, videographer and of course photographer are with you a long time on your big day...don’t chose someone that quite honestly you would rather punch in the face than give a hug to (not that I condone violence). 

And finally, meet them or do a video call. What if you just don’t get on in person? Does their voice drive you crazy? Do you just not like their vibe? Such an important step in the wedding planning process is to talk to your supplier, and let them know what you really are looking for. 

Hope this helps a little bit with some of the planning process. 

Big love as always. 

Nicola xxx